Coast Gallery

A seascape painting by artist Tori Tipton

This week I delivered a collection of five paintings to the Coast Gallery, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire. The paintings are all part of my "North Coast" series which is inspired by the Yorkshire Coast in the wintertime so this gallery is perfectly located to display these paintings. Prices begin at £325 and details of the …

Through Restless Seas

A contemporary seascape painting by Tori Tipton

I'm not a painter whose work is predominantly about recording every nuance and fine detail of the natural world. My seascapes are as much about expressing my inner feelings and this, my latest painting speaks to me of what I've faced over the past year (and quite possibly what we face as a nation over …

Echo of the Tide

Echo of the Tide A contemporary seascape painting by artist Tori Tipton

Here in the studio, I'm currently working on a group of paintings which will be exhibited in the Maiden Bridge Gallery in late spring.

All That Remains

The winter seas and skies continue to influence and inspire me here in the studio. Here is my latest painting, "All That Remains". Full details of the painting can be found here.