Painting and planning


You know the saying “Time sure flies when you’re having fun”? Well, that seems to sum up how life has been for me lately!

My weekdays have been spent in a flurry of work on my “Coastal Elements” series of paintings, I now have 7 pieces completed of this body of work and a couple more underway. Hopefully, by the time of the Art& Show in York this October, I’ll have a good selection of paintings to exhibit. Continue reading

Coastal Elements

Contemporary seascape painting by Tori Tipton

I’ve recently begun experimenting and producing a new body of work. The working title of this series of paintings is “Coastal Elements” and was sparked by a recent trip to Flamborough on the Yorkshire coast. On this particular trip, I was struck by how the different elements of a seascape – the land, sea, and sky are all so very distinct and separate yet work together to provide a cohesive vista. Continue reading

“Liable to Flood” Exhibition

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week – a national campaign to help shed stigma around the topic and to promote mental well-being. I’m excited to have one of my recent paintings “Far Horizon” included in an exhibition at the Mental Health Museum which looks at the link between the natural environment and our well-being. Continue reading

RAW Talent Award

I’m pleased to announce that I have been selected as one of the 12 contemporary artists and designers to receive the RAW Talent award for emerging artists. The award means that I will receive a mentoring program to support my career as an artist and culminates in a launch at the 3-day art fair in York this October. Continue reading