Whitby – Gibraltar Point, Work in progress of painting of seascape by Tori Tipton

Humber, Thames, Dover: A New Body Of Work For 2018

There’s a real sense of excitement in my studio at the moment as I’ve just begun planning a whole new series of site-specific paintings. The excitement stems from the fact that it involves the two greatest passions in my life (aside from my family naturally!) – the British Coastline and travel.

Taking inspiration from a series of aerial photographs taken by a drone, my latest body of work will be composed of a series of oil paintings based on the 14 shipping regions of the North Sea that surround the United Kingdom. To connect these paintings to each area sand collected from the beaches in each region will be incorporated into the paintings giving each one a physical link to the area.

The areas that I will be focusing my work on which are used in the BBC’s shipping forecast are as follows:

  • Cromarty
  • Forth
  • Tyne
  • Humber
  • Thames
  • Dover
  • Wight
  • Portland
  • Plymouth
  • Lundy
  • Irish Sea
  • Malin
  • Hebrides
  • Fair Isle

This project will see me travelling to all corners of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to record each region. Already plans are taking shape to visit some amazing locations to base my paintings on. My first port of call will be to record the inshore area that falls between Gibralter Point and North Foreland with a visit to Mappleton in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Coastlines, Humber
Mappleton, East Riding of Yorkshire

You can follow the progress of this project here on the website and also by following me on Instagram

Represention at the Hope Gallery

I’m absolutely thrilled and excited to announce that my artwork is now represented by the amazing Hope Gallery which is situated in the Design Quarter of Redbrick Mill, Batley.  The gallery showcases a fantastic selection of both local and international contemporary artists and a large selection of my original oil paintings will be available to purchase. Continue reading “Represention at the Hope Gallery”