A new painting – “Daybreak”

My latest painting, “Daybreak”, is a little looser than my previous paintings. For this one I had no reference other than distant memories of looking out at the sea on early mornings, not yet able to distinguish in the growing light the defining line between the sea and the sky.

Tori Tipton Seascape "Daybreak" - oil on canvas - 30cm x 40cm
Daybreak – Oil on canvas – 30cm x 40cm


Again, I’m increasingly attempting to paint intuitively rather than analytically. This is a huge leap for me and a complete move away from my previous work in ink and watercolour. One of the steps in moving forward with my painting is letting go of control. I know that when a painting isn’t going quite right it’s usually because I’m over thinking things, analysing and basically trying just too damn hard to make it work!

So after struggling with trying to make this painting work I gave up on it. The canvas was put to one side basically to be used as a practice board at a later date. So what began as a spontaneous practice piece evolved into a piece more about doing rather than thinking, a result of what resides inside rather than looking outward.

12 thoughts on “A new painting – “Daybreak”

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Jamie, funnily enough I was very much in the zone when I painted this one and it did leave me feeling quite chilled and zen like! Glad that you like it 😊


  1. I like how the horizon is lost, and the sky with its fairly illusionary clouds poised, indicating largely dawn or under masked sunlight. You have caught the sense of vast space, the sense of immensity in your painting. Nicely done.


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    1. Thank you Connie, I really appreciate your feedback.
      I find it difficult to know sometimes if I’m on the right track with my paintings. I fear that what seems right to me might not always come across as I hoped. Your comment gives me hope that maybe I’m heading in the right direction.
      Warm wishes, Tori

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      1. “There’s something wonderful about a blank canvas, the nothingness of the beginning that is so simple and pure. Tori, it’s the vision in your mind, it is the paint that changes its meaning, and your hand that creates the story. Every piece begins the same, but in the end they are all uniquely different.”

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