Beside the seaside

I started the painting below a few weeks ago and it has been hanging neglected in my studio ever since as I was unsure how to progress with it. So, last week I took a trip to my favourite seaside town of Whitby to see if it would provide me with some artistic inspiration.

Work in progress - Tori Tipton
Work in progress



It was a beautiful day, cold but with occasional blue skies and sunshine. My heart sang to be beside the huge expansive skies accompanied by the tang of the sea air.

Whitby Harbour
Whitby Harbour
Fortune's Kippers, Whitby
Fortune’s smokehouse, Whitby
Whitby through the whalebones
The lighthouse on the pier

The trip was just what I needed. Being there beside the sea made me realise that the seascapes that I’m currently painting are a way of expressing something that feels true to me. The joy that I feel by being near the sea is manifested when I paint. I guess that if I were to put it in its simplest terms, painting the sea is what makes me happy!

On my return, I couldn’t wait to get back into the studio where I finished the painting immediately. My field trip had opened the door, bringing my feelings and creativity together. Not only did I finish the neglected painting but I also got the first layers of paint down on a further three paintings. Finally, I feel as if I’m beginning to make the kind of art that I’ve wanted to create for a long time.

Oil painting of a beach scene
After the Storm – oil on panel – 30cm x 30cm

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