Oil on water

For a while now I’ve been feeling the increasing urge to have a go at painting in oils. I’d been stalled though by the combination of dark arts and alchemy that surrounded oils, confusing terms such as fat over lean and the use of noxious mediums were off-putting, to say the least.

I’ve had the niggling feeling for some time that I’ve been following the path of least resistance where my creativity is concerned. By sticking to the familiar mediums of ink and watercolour I felt that I was beginning to get a little too comfortable and not pushing my boundaries enough. Another reason for not branching out was my fear of inconsistency in my artwork. By starting again in a new medium it feels almost like starting all over again as an artist.

oil painting of a seascape
My first attempt – a work in progress

For the past couple of weeks now I’ve been experimenting solely in oils. I’m pleased to report that I’m smitten with the medium! Working  wet-on-wet or alla prima to give it its technical term I’m finding that I’m gradually able to produce the kind of art that I want to make.

oil painting of a seascape
Painting clouds the colour of bruises!

Above are my first forays into oils. Hopefully, in my next post I’ll be able to show you some completed paintings. Unlike watercolours, this time round I’m having to be patient and wait for days until the finished pieces are dry enough for photographing!

18 thoughts on “Oil on water

    1. Thanks so much Laura😊 You know those moments when something just clicks? Well this was one of them! I’ve a long way to go but really excited by the potential of what oil paint offers, I can’t wait to paint more….

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  1. Tori, these really are magical! I’m so looking forward to see where you go next with this. I’ve always shied away from oils for the same reasons, but maybe your beautiful experiments will give me courage to dip my toe in one day. Wonderful stuff. ! 🙂

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    1. Hi there Rebecca, thank you so much for you lovely words of encouragement 😊 Oils have always seemed so daunting but I’m really enjoying them because they are so different from watercolour, though not that much different from acrylics – they just take much longer to dry! Go for it, I’m sure that you’ll get amazing results.

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      1. Hmmm, might be a while before I can justify investing in them, but I can feel a sure pull (and Christmas approaches)… A change is definitely as good as a rest, as you’re amply proving. Keep up the fab work! 🙂

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      2. And to you too, I’m loving your acrylics. Oh and if you’re anything like me that Christmas list will be getting longer and longer….😄

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  2. How exciting -i think you are getting very atmospheric efffects with your oils -keep it up -i look forwardto seeing how youdevelop and thanks for sharing .

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  3. Oil painting is so forgiving. You’ll love it. Great softness and movement of the clouds.

    I know what you mean about fear. I’ve painted in oils for many years and now I want to paint with watercolor. My fear of not having total control of this medium; mistakes are not easily corrected and of course failure, I think this is what is holding me back from trying watercolor.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. The fear of not being good enough is terrible isn’t it? Especially, I’ve found, when you’re making progress in one medium only to go back to square one again! Definitely have a play around with watercolours, they are lovely and yes, very different from oils, good luck!

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