In conversation with Angie Lewin at The Hepworth

This weekend I was lucky to receive as my Mother’s Day gift, tickets to attend a talk titled “In conversation with Angie Lewin” at The Hepworth, Wakefield.

Angie Lewin - Plants and Places
Angie Lewin – Plants & Places

I was super excited to be going to this event as I have been a big fan of Angie Lewin’s prints for many years. The talk was hosted by Gill Saunders, Senior Curator of Print at the V & A Museum and in it they discussed the inspiration, influences and techniques that are used in her work.

Angie Lewin - Plants & Places
Angie Lewin – Plants & Places

It was interesting to hear how the nature found near Lewin’s homes in North Norfolk and Scotland have inspired her choice of subject matter. Through walking in the countryside and observing the flora and fauna native to these parts she has used them to make her wonderful nostalgic prints. She went on to say that it is often the overlooked weeds that get her attention.This is especially when they have passed their prime as it is their structure and the seed heads that provide her with inspiration for the striking prints that she produces.

Angie Lewin
Angie Lewin – Plants & Places

It was a thoroughly enjoyable discussion and I found it particularly interesting to hear about how her artwork is created from the initial concept through to the final finished piece.

As a bonus, a visit to The Hepworth is always a pleasure. Named after Wakefield-born artist Barbara Hepworth it is the largest purpose-built art gallery in the UK outside of London.

The Hepworth Wakefield

This waterfront gallery showcases an impressive array of nationally important sculptures and offers space for a changing of temporary exhibitions.

Inside The Hepworth Wakefield


You can find out more about Angie Lewin’s work at

Details about The Hepworth can be found at

8 thoughts on “In conversation with Angie Lewin at The Hepworth

    1. Thanks for joining me 🙂 Had a fab time, my son/husband certainly got bonus points for that Mother’s Day gift (not that I needed to drop many hints, oh no). Her work is lovely Charlie, very evocative of the British countryside, hope that you enjoy it.

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  1. Funny. I walked into an artsy store I’d never been to, at the mall near my new home, to look at the greeting cards this afternoon. I saw beautiful prints of flowers and was reminded of this post. I couldn’t remember the artist’s name though. But now that I’ve looked at your post again, it turns out a mall in Calgary sells cards with Angie Lewin prints. Cool! Thanks for this lovely post introducing her work 🙂 .

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